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The B.R.A.N.D.ful Author Coach ™

B   - Book Success
R   - Reliability
A - Authentic Storytelling
N - Niche Dominance
D- Design Consistency

Need a quick way to get your questions answered?


Don’t have time to schedule a call?


Get all your questions answered during this unlimited monthly coaching session just for you! Instead of meeting at a specific time for a call, you can contact me through the VOXER app. Send your questions, get feedback, or get ongoing support.


How does this work?

1. Complete your purchase.

2. Send files, pictures, audio messages, etc. to get your questions answered.

3. Get responses within 1-3 business days (does not include weekends)


Topics include but are not limited to:

-Publishing Guidance

-Publishing Troubleshooting

-Selling More Books

-Author Branding

-Branding and Marketing Tips

-How to Sell More Books in Schools, Community, and Online

Not sure what to ask? Don't worry, I'll send suggestions of different items that might interest you.







Client Feedback

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