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Hello, I'm Da'Quisha Whitaker

I'm a publishing coach and book branding strategist. I help new and aspiring authors, speakers, and businesses, publish books, and brand businesses with confidence, purpose, and ease through my done-for-you, how-to services, and resources. As an author, I write daily life and social skills books for parents, educators, and childcare providers, to assist them in teaching children skills that will help them be their best in their homes, classrooms, and communities.

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The Story of Water Rocks Publishing

As a former educator, community social worker, and mentor, I have always loved teaching and serving others. With a background in English-Creative Writing and Curriculum and Instruction, I knew early on I wanted to be a storyteller and an educator. After having my first son and deciding to stay home with him, my love of writing reignited and I began creating stories for young readers. 

During my traditional and self-publishing journey, I experienced many bumps in the road and found myself saying how I wished the journey would have been a lot easier, less stressful, and more educational. In enters Water Rocks Publishing. Our agency works with new and aspiring authors, speakers, and businesses, helping them share their stories through publishing and branding in the most creative, inspiring, educational, entertaining, and profitable ways. 

Water Rocks Wants Our Clients to Be:

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Stress-free during the very intricate process of getting their book ready to publish and your business brand ready for profit

Confident in the professional quality of their books and business brand

Prepared to launch, market, and sell their books, products, and services with confidence 

The publishing and branding journey, like any journey, isn't perfect and easy, but with support, resources, and quality customer service, Water Rocks Publishing guarantees to make the publishing and branding process for their clients one they will love, learn from, and value. 

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