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Okay! So you’ve published the book now what? Or maybe you’re waiting for illustrations or formatting of your book to be complete…what should you do while you wait? Great question! You should be cultivating your audience, building relationships, sharing about your forthcoming book, and more to grow your following and list of future buyers! But how do you do that? Another great question!


With identifying your target audience, and brand identity, establishing a website, creating social media content, ensuring that your book is conveying the right message from cover to description, and so much more! It may sound like a lot because it can be. But not with us at Water Rocks. We have amazing DONE-FOR-YOU, DO-IT-YOURSELF, and DONE-WITH-YOU services for our authors to help them build the brand that they love and can share with their community of followers, supporters, and future customers.


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Done For You

Author Branding


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These cards go great with book orders you send out, at events to tell others about your book, and with buying customers to remind them to leave reviews! 


A high-quality retractable banner featuring the author's branding and book cover, ideal for book fairs, speaking engagements, and other promotional events.


A comprehensive visual guide that includes color palettes, typography recommendations, and graphic elements, ensuring consistency across all brand materials.


A professionally designed logo that represents the author's brand identity.



20 Custom-designed graphics tailored for social media platforms and book launch promotions.


A consultation session with a content strategist to develop a tailored content strategy for the author's brand, including recommendations for blog posts, social media content, and other promotional materials.

Author Branding Intensive

Author Branding


Author Branding Intensive  (2).png


A brand guide is essential to creating a consistent and trusted brand. Colors, themes, and fonts matter. Let's create the right brand guide for your book brand. 


We will take your brand guide and brand message and create a banner that stops people in their tracks to learn more about you, your books, and brand. Great for speaking, author visits, and vending events. 


These cards go great with book orders you send out, at events to tell others about your book, and with buying customers to remind them to leave reviews! Create a card that they won't throw away but will keep or share!

BONUS: You Get 5 templates!


Get advice on how you can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your website to communicate the right message to your target audience.


Get advice on how you can improve your sales page to drive more organic traffic to your sales page to increase Amazon sales. 



Get advice on how you can create content about your books with graphics and text that will take potential customers from the sales page to the cart. 


Create tailored content for your target audience that uses your brand identity (colors, font, and content) to create graphics for your social media platforms that show you as an authority and provide value to your followers, turning them into buying followers. 


Let's use that brand guide and create a media kit that quickly and efficiently shows who you are, what your books are about, and why they should be in schools, stores, and community centers. Even better, why they should book you to speak or do an author visit. 

Author Branding Challenge

Author Branding


Author Branding Challenge (1).png

7 Key Ways to Brand Yourself as an Author to Stand Out in Your Industry, Establish Authority, and Sell More Books

Elevate your author journey with our immersive author branding challenge. Discover the power of 7 overlooked yet powerful strategies to stand out, establish authority, and boost book sales. Led by a seasoned author and brand strategist, this session unveils the secrets of successful authors. From social media prowess to cohesive brand identity, you'll gain the skills to leave a lasting impact. Perfect for beginners and seasoned writers. Position yourself for author success now!




Author websites are a great way to sell your books and make more profit. They also house freebies, blogs, and a shop for you to sell book merchandise and more. Make the most money with your book and brand with an author's website.

Amazon Sales Page
Amazon Sales2.png

Amazon Sales Page

Amazon Sale Pages need many things to get potential customers to your book sales page and encourage them to click on your book, read all about your book, and BUY! From the right book description, to how your name is linked to your books, and custom Amazon A+ Content, a professionally designed Amazon Sales Page will help you stand out in the crowd and sell more books!

Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content

Get your book to stand out on your sales page by adding pictures to entice viewers/potential customers to buy! Custom graphics, inside features of your book, and key information that conveys your book and brand message.

Socal Media Graphics

Social Media


Now that you have written the book and are ready to publish or have already published, how do you share it with others on your social media platforms? Get DIY or Custom Done-for-You social media templates that will make sharing about your book easy and exciting! 

Media Kits

Media Kits

Every author needs a media kit. These kits tell potential customers, media outlets, companies, schools, and others about you and your book! They learn more about you the author, the book, where it can be found, what services you offer, and how they can stay connected with you. It's a professional digital product that will elevate your book business and brand. 

Brand Boards

Brand Boards

Brand Boards consist of 3-4 colors that you will use across all promotional material and social media platforms graphics to communicate your book and brand message. Consistency shows intention, authority, and professionalism with your audience.

Author Logo

Author Logo

Another way to brand yourself as an author and business is by having a logo that stands out and helps followers, customers and others recognize your work and content. They can also be great for merchandise and other branding options. 

How It Works

Our Process


Reach Out

Select the services you're interested in from our branding packages + services above.


We Chat

Complete the questionnaire and book a Discovery Call

to discuss the branding services you're

interested in.


Get Started

Sit back and relax while we work our branding magic to bring your book and author brand to life!

  • Do you have payment plans?
    Yes, we require a 50% deposit in order for work to begin on your book.
  • What do I need to get started?
    To get started, all you need is: The final, edited version of your book (A Word doc is fine) Your deposit A desire to finally bring your book to life! Us! When you're ready, we're ready. Use the forms on this site to book a discovery call or request a quote.
  • Who will own the rights to my book?
    You! Working with us means that unlike some other companies, you will retain all rights to your book, including your illustrations (for children's book packages), interior files, and cover design. Upon completion of the job, you will receive a folder with all of the book files used for your project.
  • Will my book be sold on Amazon?
    Yes, once your files are completed, you will receive directions to send your book files to Amazon. For an upcharge, we will submit the files for you.

Have questions? Interested in Branding Services? Book a Call Below!

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