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4-Week  Book Publishing Course

In just 4 weeks, learn the process of becoming a published author. You will be equipped with the skills to publish any book you desire in less than 90 days.  Building your brand, notoriety and legacy. 

What Will You Learn?


Write Your Story

This module will help you understand the importance of writing a story that sells. You will learn about who your "avatar" is and how to write for them. Knowing these key components of writing and telling your story will help you on your self-publishing journey. We will also discuss the importance of editing before illustrations and publishing. 


Illustrations Done Right!

This module will teach you the ins and outs of finding the right illustrator for your story. You will learn how to find an illustrator that meets your budget and style. We will walk through the step by step process of searching and hiring an illustrator. Contracts, illustrations requirements, and so much more! 


Make it Official

This module is all about the legalities of publishing your story. You will learn where to buy ISBNs, and attain copyrights and Library of Congress for your books. We will walk through the process and show you what mistakes to avoid. 


Push Publish...But First

This module educates you on what to do BEFORE you push publish on print-on-demand sites. You need formatting, a professionally designed book cover, the right key words and categories and a price that will sell your book. We will also walk through uploading your book to Amazon so you can see exactly how it works, and do it right the first time.  ​


Market & Sell! Sell! Sell!

This module will give you a jump start on how to market your book the right way to sell books! Now that you have published it, it's time to get it out there to the masses and sell. There is an entire Marketing Masterclass course available, but this module is enough to get you started. ​

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