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5 Things to AVOID When Creating Amazon A+ Content

Here are 5 Things to AVOID When Creating Amazon A+ Content:

Awards that have no dates. Amazon wants you to stay within the two-year timeframe when you're sharing awards. If you have the seal, you can share the seal on your Amazon A+ content and the title, but it has to be within the last two years.

Customer reviews. Amazon has a designated place for reviews already under the A+ Content.

Mentioning or referencing competitive products. Do not put other authors' books in your content stating how yours is better. Though that may be true, you aren’t bashing or cross-referencing other's books. Keep your content focused on your book only.

QR codes and website links. Remember. Amazon doesn’t want to drive traffic AWAY from its website. They don’t even share their customer lists with authors. Putting QR Codes and website links on your content does that. If you have other products that are only available on your website that complement your book, then share images ONLY of those books.

Pricing, promotional deals, and discounts. You can't offer a promotional deal on your books where it reflects the discount. Offering these kinds of deals and discounts is okay on your website, but you cannot put that in your content to drive traffic away from Amazon. You cannot say, “If you buy this book, email me your receipt and I'll send you a free XYZ.”

There is a whole list of other things you want to avoid. You can go head over to and they'll have a list of more. These are the top five that I see happening the most where authors are getting rejected and I want to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you.

Here’s a BONUS!

The content has a LOT of text. People don't want to see all that text that they can read by reading a book. Also, you have to be careful that you're not crowding your Amazon A+ content with so much text because on the computer it is big, but on a mobile device like your phone, it is a lot smaller and you don’t have the option to zoom in.

Alright, Brilliant Authors! There you have it. These are the Do’s and Don’ts of Amazon A+ Content!

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