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What is Amazon A+ Content and Why You Need It

What is Amazon A+ content? When you talk to authors, they're saying, “Why? What is this that people are talking about? Why do I need it? I don't even understand what it is. It doesn't even matter.”

Amazon A+ Content is all the glitz and glamor of a sales page! You know, when you’re shopping online and go to Walmart and Target’s website. Their sales pages DEFINITELY look different. And whether you are shopping online or in person the shopping experience is different. Some may say Walmart is bland and dull with it’s blue and hints of yellow. While others will say Target is bright with the red that draws you in. They use that red strategically. When you have Amazon A+ content on your Amazon sales page, it just makes everything pop, like Target! Before potential clients even make their way to the reviews, they are stopped by the eye-catching persuasive A+ Content. And if it’s done the right way, it will help potential buyers right there determine if they’re going to buy your book.

What is amazing about Amazon is that they allow you to have images, texts, and even comparison charts to help people to learn and understand more about you and your book(s).

This is helpful because you're able to engage your reader, give them more information that they're not going to get from that click inside feature, and persuade them to say, "let me take a look at this book because maybe it's something I might want to buy." The A+ Content is strategically placed, so when you're looking on Amazon and you scroll down right before you get to the reviews, you have the A+ Content there shining bright!

Amazon started making Amazon A+ Content available to non-traditional publishers (like you and me!) in October 2021. It has been around for years now for traditional publishers, and they have reaped the reward of it! For a year now, people have started to add this content and they're seeing sales increase like crazy because sometimes when you look at a cover and you click on a look inside feature if you have a children's book or even a novel, you're only getting maybe three or four pages. Then you're like, “Okay, well what else? What is this book about really? Are the illustrations even good?” If the book doesn't have an eBook version, you can't buy the eBook to see what is inside, leaving you on the fence. “Should I buy this book? Should I not buy this book?”

Then you also have to consider authors who overcharge for their books. Potential buyers are thinking, “I don't know if I want to spend that, $15, $16, or $17 for a book. ”Is it worth it? What's inside of it? What can it do for me?

Amazon A+ Content allows potential buyers to get a little bit more of a sneak peek of what’s inside your book and what it value it offers them. The content helps your book stand out, connecting to your readers and sharing your author's story and book brand. You’re telling the story of your book through pictures, quotes, and comparative charts. It’s the aesthetics!

Alright, Brilliant Authors! There you have it. This is what Amazon A+ Content is and why you need it!

And now that you know the what and why, allow me to share the how! We at Water Rocks provide DONE-FOR-YOU Amazon A+ Content Services. You give us the content, and design style of your choice or show us what you like from other A+ Content you've loved, and we will create your Amazon A+ Content for You! It's so simple for you and fun for us! Order this service today to upgrade your Amazon Sales Page, taking potential buyers from the sales page to the check out page!

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