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5 Things Your Amazon A+ Content Should Have

Let's talk about layout. You saw a few of my examples and, some of my clients. Now when you think about, well, what am I going to do for my Amazon A plus content? This is an excellent question and the first thing you need to do is research. I want you to think about books that are like yours. If you can't think about books that are like yours, go to Amazon and start typing in your title and click on books that are attractive to you, and start scrolling down their Amazon Sales Page, looking for their Amazon A+ Content.

This will give you motivation. It will give you an idea of what kind of content you want to create. I always tell my clients, like when they're sending us their books and they want us to do their content for them, to show me examples. Show me what you like. For me, I like three or four different ones. I will take a little bit from here, take a little bit from there, and then put it all together and make it my own. You don't have to think outside the box, just get your inspiration and create.

These are the top five things you should consider in your Amazon A+ content themes.

  1. Themes

  2. Favorite Pages or Illustrations

  3. About the Author

  4. Cause Awareness/ Facts

  5. Quotes from Your Book

Themes are nice to share with your potential customers, because it is shared boldly with the book cover, communicating the message quickly and effectively. Themes should be something that you know before you publish. Consider what categories you put your book in. Ask yourself, what does my book teach? Represent?

You wanted your book pages to stand out. Use your favorite pages that have your favorite illustrations or your favorite quotes, or your favorite journal prompts. This is good for children's books especially because they can see more of the illustrations. Depending on what percentage you set with, KDP, potential buyers may only see the first couple of pages. That could be your dedication page, title page, copyright page, and then the first page…THAT’S IT!

You want them to know about you as an author. It's so important that you have this opportunity to be able to share a little about yourself and why you wrote the book.

Causes awareness and facts. Are there any causes or awareness observances that are connected to your book? Holidays? Bullying…Potty Training…Social and Emotional Learning…Affirmations…Mental Health. Share facts about those and how they are connected to your book.

Quotes. Whether it’s quoted from editorial reviews or your book itself, use them! I have even used quotes from my favorite characters in the book that really drives home the message of my book. I know when I was doing, the potty monster books, I put, one of the quotes in there that the little girl and boy say. A parent or teacher may see that affirmation or quote and say, “Ooh, this is a great affirmation. I'm actually working on it with my child.” So let me get this book.

Whatever you choose to put in your modules, be very strategic to ensure that you are speaking to your target audience. That's what you want in your Amazon A+ Content!

Alright, Brilliant Authors! There you have it. These are the 5 things your Amazon A+ Content should have!

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